Sunday, 27 November 2016

of Ramadhan, Arcade and Half-Squat

I remembered TGB for many things, awesome teachers, awesome classmates. It's also the place where I learnt to play VolleyBall.
Out of all, one thing I'll remember till death, that 'hukuman' we got cuz someone saw us main arked before buka puasa outside the school.
I remembered returning to my dorm with a really full stomach*makan seoul garden buffet meh*. I was halfway into my kain plekat*ask the boys of block D they know its my fav outfit dalam asrama*
I had done everything, hw done, berus gigi done, kunci loker also done. All that's left is for me to get into my kplekat n lie down to dreamland.
N then it happened, with his voice, cikgu Radzi called us through the PA system. Dang I tell you tbh I was like weyy nak tido dah but yeah what can I do cikgu panggil.
Reluctantly but quickly*you dont want to be late when cikgu panggil through his PA system* I grabbed my nearest sweatpants put em on n rushed to the scene.
On the way, I met up with Fahim Azzam Zaid Zaihirain Nazif Yusof. The others are already on site.
When all of us finally arrived, cikgu ordered us to stand in line.
"Gopal, korg tau x kenapa saya panggil ni?
Apa korg buat tadi?"
"Buat apa cikgu?"
"Ala, jangan buat2 x ingt. Tadi sebelum berbuka puasa tu"
Apparently a teacher saw us at the arcade. And unluckily, the person reported it to our head of wardens.
"Sekarang saya nak kamu duduk steng*im not sure how it's spelled but cikgu ordered us to do half squat position*
"Malam ni, alam akan mengajar kamu"
He then asked us to hold big handful stones in both hands while also doing the halfsquat.
"Sambil tu, cuba kamu semua lakon kan balik macam mana kamu main tadi"
And we tried our best imagining both a gearbox and steering 😂😂😂
"Gopal, saya ada suruh keluar bunyi ke?"
So to kinda make it real I accidentally imitated the sounds as well,n boy how the others were pissed off takut the sounds mengundang kemarahan cikgu hha.
Im not sure what was the time when he finally allow us to return to our beds, but I do remember all of us terkangkang-kangkang balik sebab semua sakit peha lepas entah berapa lama half squat haha.
This happened 2 years ago, bila jumpa dengan classmate mesti teringat balik hahaha. N I believe all of us will remember this story for more years to come 😊
Saya ambil kesempatan ini utk mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada semua warga MRSM TGB. All of you played an important in helping me to stand where I am now. I'll be forever grateful for that, thank you.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Future Endeavours

When I heard about it for the first time, I was speechless. Who would have thought that would happen ey mate? I know the chances of you reading this are slim, but allow me go on will you?

Maybe we had planned for something in our minds, getting an engineering degree and stuff, but I guess He had something else in store.

I too, went through the same thing, and I asked myself

"Did I chose the right major?"
"Do I really want to be an engineer?"

Turns out that I don't.

The transition must've hit you hard, cuz to get really good grades over here you would have to put literally lots and lots of effort. Anyways, good luck my friend. Do your best, start anew.

Wherever you are on this world,
goodluck on your future endeavours.

Monday, 22 August 2016

A New Start

Hey there,

It's been a while since I did any updates. So here we go,

Summer break is ending. Classes are gonna start after 3 months of 'rest'. To most, today is the first day of class. To me, it's my first day of work! My classes starts tomorrow. I'm kind off excited to start class though.

I really want to improve on my GPA's as much as possible this time. Last semester I got a pretty bad one as Physics dragged my GPA a lot. We'll see how this semester goes, I'm going to try my best this time. Misi 4 Flat!

Monday, 8 August 2016


Kan ku terus mencuba,
Kau tahu ku percaya,
Komplikasi itu takkan ada.

Biarpun nafas terhenti,
Kau tahu ku takkan pergi,
Sehingga ku jumpa apa yang ku cari.

Saturday, 30 July 2016


I feel a little rush,
I think I've got a little crush on you,
I hope it's not too much,
But baby when I'm with you, I hear it 
My heart singing

~It's been a while but I'm back! Yeay!

Friday, 13 May 2016

Lengthy Road

Reliving that scraped up yesterday, We'll open the way to a hopeful tomorrow. What even remains in these hands?

My voice, dispersed into the sky.

Even if the reality I've obtained is dim, and I can't see what lies in front of me. I feel like I can proceed on this journey, as long as I have you guys.

Even if the bonds that we have gathered dust, as our past and future stand back to back.

Repeating an answer that's is full of inaccuracies. We'll seek the right answer, reaching out our hands, as many times as it takes!

Wednesday, 27 April 2016


The InterACT performance that I watched was ‘be·long’. The performance that night was directed and facilitated by Elizabeth Wellman. The play was devised and written by the InterACT Theatre ensemble in spring 2016. The play took place at the Roy Bowen Theatre at the Drake’s Centre at approximately 7.30pm on the 22nd April 2016. The performance was  part of a service-learning course and was mainly conversations between characters and the audience for research purposes.
            This was the first ever interactive theatre performance that I have attended. It is a completely different experience as compared to all of the theatres that I have experienced throughout the semester. The play started in Part 1, where a group of students were seen in class at the start of a whole new semester and Part 2 is an interactive session between characters and the audience. I was really interested in the performance as I can somehow relate my own life with almost all of the characters in the play.
I felt a great connection with Mario(Eduardo Lozano). Mario(Lozano) was depicted as a student who does not have any friends in the class and seemed really lost. Even when he was assigned into groups with other students, he seemed scared and did not really open up with any of his group members. To be honest, I felt that way earlier this semester. My first ever semester in a different country. I felt out of place. I felt scared at not living up to my classmate’s expectations, which I imagined and created upon myself. I also felt scared of the consequences if I didn’t manage to speak English properly. I felt insecure. Thankfully, I realized later in the semester how silly I was going on about my insecurities. It’s normal to feel that way, but what matters most is how we adapt and overcome that feeling.
Next, I also can relate to Charlotte’s(Kesley Frustere) situation. Being in a group with her friends, she probably already knows her friend’s habits and decided it was best for her to do the proper research. I myself literally did it once as I was not satisfied with what my friend had came up with on a previous project together. When you know your friend is a total slacker who doesn’t really put his heart into his work, you end up taking the work load upon yourself to get the best of results. It was really horrible of her friends, Adam(Mohamad Quteifan) and Evan(Alex Wilson), to not have even the slightest of interest since the start of the class.
Lastly, I loved how Amanda(Ronda Cristie) improvised on her mistake of forgetting Kate’s(Casey Murray) name. If I were in Kate’s(Murray) shoes, I will definitely feel better if my TA apologised had they forgotten my name instead of pretending to know. I feel it is better to clear things up earlier in the class rather than face the awkwardness later. I’ll also feel disappointed if my TA pretended and will probably lose all my interest and focus in the class. It also leaves a really bad impression on the TA.

All in all, I really enjoyed my InterACT experience. Audiences pointed out a lot of things that I did not even think about in the discussion and the session rolled out pretty interestingly. The performance truly reminded me of myself earlier this year.  It was awesome how people share great ideas to overcome the problems that the characters were facing in their class. I believe the outcome of this InterACT research will prove important for the future.

Sunday, 10 April 2016


I guess the best times of our lives is really when we're in school. And sometimes I do feel like going back, living my school days all over again. Though I know it's impossible, but I just can't shake off the feeling.

If ever given the chance, that would really be nice.

Guess I should've been more and much more grateful, given the chance of a lifetime to live.

Thank you, Allah.

~Your imperfect servant

Friday, 1 April 2016

A Change of Heart

It ain't fun, believe me.

That lost feeling, but I have to work hard

And I guess it is the best for me

One last meeting before I change for the better, InsyaaAllah

Would it be Data Analytics or Economics?

Who knows, both of em are really interesting majors.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Chicago Travels

Finally the video is done after a week Spring Break Ended. Although it's a bit late, but yeah here you go. Our trip to Chicago!!

So next in the list? New York City!! XD

Monday, 21 March 2016

The Best Decision Maker

I had a dream once,

To live in the Windy City of Chicago, where most Sci-fi and blockbuster action movies took place in*most notably the Transformers movie line. Where I believe I could live my life to its fullest.

So when the opportunity came by, I voiced out. I told IIE, the organization which MARA asked to settle our placements, that I want a university somewhere in Illinois, where the City of Chicago is located. 

After several months of endless waiting. Then one night, IIE took us by storm*literally semua kecoh gila hha*. Each and every one of us got a list of our own, a list of universities in the US which has accepted our applications. There was a mix of emotions that night, some felt relief after months of waiting, some felt excited, some felt sad to the prospect of leaving Malaysia.

My list rolled out like this
  1. University of Iowa
  2. Ohio State University
  3. Michigan State University
  4. University of Illinois-Chicago, YES! Chicago here I come!
At least that was first that came to my mind after looking at the list. Turns out the university was literally located in Chicago which will kinda fulfill my dream back then hha.

Then came the first knock,
Ayah said that Chicago holds the highest crime rate in the US.

The second knock,
 Only me and Imran got a place here, not that it would be a gigantic life affecting problem though.

The final knock,
Ultimately, MARA decided to only send us to Ohio State or Michigan State after making several assessment themselves. 

Fast forward to today, here I am as a student of the Ohio State University pre-majoring for Mechanical Engineering. I'm sure He has decided which was best and helped me avoid bad things that I don't know that could have happened to me in Chicago.

I'm sure there's a reason for me to be enrolled here. For whatever reason He holds, thank you. 

Though He did allowed me to visit the place recently hehe.

University of Illinois-Chicago xD
And I'll probably miss the really cheap halal food restaurant right infront of the campus, but yeah.

Be more grateful will you Adlan?

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Mind Opening

Given the chance to be involved in a talk program intended to share ideas and thoughts, I felt really privileged to be able to hear those intelligent voices, passionately being spoke out. TedX, an independently organised event to share with the local people experiences, researches and ideas of local speakers.

Great ideas and life experiences were shared throughout the whole session. Eye opening speeches that needs hope, while also giving hope. A hope to make this world a better place where everyone can call home.

No speech was more important than the other. From innovation to salvation, everything was worth to hear out. One speaker pointed out to the benefits of a pet, how pets could help a person's life to be ever more positive overcoming stress and tension. Another spoke about justice, his first hand experience being branded a felon only because of a book he wrote. A book which was about a constantly misunderstood organization of the past who only wants justice for everyone.

While there were no short of attention to any of the talks, one that really caught me was the PHD to Ph.D segment. Given by OSU's own professor, Elaine Richardson. Her life was full of obstacles*literally*. From being addicted to drugs and abusive pimps, from streets to jails. Everything in life being thrown to her at a very young age.

Her recovery was no short of a miracle. At one time it seemed like her choice was either death or prison. But her mother and education saved her. Her mother didn't gave up on her. She went to school and never stopped. She now has a Ph.D.

Now she shares with the world her journey, to promote healing, recovery and empowerment through education.


TedX squad of the day!

*She wrote a book about her life. PHD to Ph.D by Elaine Richardson

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Muslims Are Normal People

Islam is a religion. A Muslim refers to someone whose faith is of Islam, believing in a one and Almighty God. A common word that is constantly and unfairly being related to Islam and Muslims nowadays is terrorism. In this world, wherever and whenever there are terrorist acts, one way or another, someway and somehow it will always point to Muslims. The media will always find a way to relate it to ‘Muslim Terrorists’, giving a fearful impression of Muslims towards all of society.  Some politicians even used this issue as a way to rally their side and to gain more supporters. As a Muslim myself, I am not impressed and disappointed with how certain parts of the community unfairly judge Muslims in the world.
            It is important for everyone to know, that Muslims are also normal people who undergo normal lives. I want everyone to know that Islam is actually a religion which strongly promotes peace, love and unity. Muslims were taught to always love and be loved, respect and be respected, help and be helped. People also must know that all those acts of terrorism proudly being done and admitted by ‘Muslim Jihadist’ are strongly conflicting with what was taught by our Prophet and the Holy Quran. Never were we taught to hate and kill. Instead, we were nurtured to always be kind and respectful of others.
As students of a highly respected institution, it is essential for us to know the difference between Islam and Terrorism. Thanks to our educated environment, we see less hate messages in our daily lives. Despite that there are still people out there, who do not know or they themselves choose to judge Muslims badly. I want everyone to be aware that there is a fine line between a true Muslim and those who call themselves ‘Muslim Extremist’. A true Muslim will never ever promote violence and evil. Islamophobia, extreme fear and hate towards Muslims, should not be in our lives as Islam is actually a really gentle religion but it exists because those terrorist out there who claims to be Islam while doing horrible things. The media also never helps. The whole world need to know the true nature of Islam.
A point of view from this issue that I would like to include in the theatre piece is a way for the society to know more about the truth, to ‘open eyes’ and destroy all those double standards that was built towards Muslims. Islam and Muslims are not things that should be feared. People also need to realise the effects that are being experienced by Muslims in America due to prejudice towards Islam. Some Muslims are deeply traumatized while others struggle to live a normal life due to communities that judge them based on bad things that they did not even do. Innocent Muslims are being treated badly everywhere for things that they are not even involved in.

I imagine a theatre which could expose the audience with the true nature of Islam. A theatre which would depict the daily activities of a true Muslim. One which would also show the struggles in a life of a Muslim because of prejudice and hate that is not supposed to be directed on him. The prejudice and hate which is commonly played around by the media and politicians. The prejudice and hate which he or she never deserved.

Theatre Class Assignment, Social Change Paper

Monday, 29 February 2016

A Leap of Faith

The last time around, it was 2012. My final year in Pasir Salak. How time flies, from being reluctant and full of regrets in 2010 to living a happy life full of friends. It was exciting truly, a part of my life which I'll never ever forget. The part which is preciously stored in my memories forever.

It ended well :)

Fast forward,

And here I am, 2016, in Columbus attending The Ohio State University. One might say I got lucky*kadang aku pun rasa macam tu haha*. Others might say it is destiny. But I say it is my rezeki. Who would have thought that this guy who think he had made a huge mistake by enrolling in MRSM Pasir Salak back in 2010, would end up pursuing his studies in the US? Not me certainly.

Even when I transferred to MRSM Tun Ghafar Baba, I thought it was some kind of mistake.

But no. It was not.

He is the best of planners, keep that in mind peeps. All we need to do is work and pray hard. Whatever the outcome is, someway somehow, you will get to where you are supposed to be. 

Have Faith.

I won't know what will happen in the future, not the slightest of idea. One thing I do know, is I need to work harder and harder. Set and reach my targets, try my best to obtain the best of results, try to live a regretless life and of course, to always have faith.

There's just so much to look forward too in our lives. So much we can do yet so less which we really did. Let's pray for a better us, and a better tomorrow.

Can't wait for the next Leap year, we'll see what's in store for us. What He has in store.

Happy Leap Day,


Saturday, 27 February 2016


As I walked out of the US Embassy, with the pink slip in my hands, I grieved. Only several days left but my US Visa was put on hold. I felt hopeless, I sighed.

Then, came out the women whom I had a short chat with while waiting for my Visa interview.

"How was it?"

"I got the pink slip...."

"Ouh, dont't worry. It will be InsyaaAllah", She's a Muslim Caucasian.

"Yeah, InsyaaAllah", I smiled.

"Once you're there, and if you're facing any problems or have any questions. Do ask, we love to help out. We just do hhe."

"Yeah, thanks lady  :)".

Alhamdulillah I got a call the next Monday approving my US Visa.  And here I am now, in Columbus continuing my studies. Let's pray for the best and do our best shall we? Of course, with the niat of returning to help out our dearest nation,


Friday, 19 February 2016


I finished early, stood up and quickly handed in the Midterm Paper to my TA. I walked outside, burden lifted. And then I remembered.

"Oh my God, I haven't done my Maghrib Prayers"
"Ya Allah, Maghrib tak solat lagi"

I quickly stride towards the 18th Library, where there's a small corner which you can perform your prayers. Somehow after my prayers, I felt at ease. I managed to pray just in time*it's not a good practice*.

I'm glad I remembered to pray, glad that I decided to hand-in the Midterm Paper early. Since the exam was at 6 in the evening, 'running' from my usual schedule and at the time I'm still getting used to the time zone here in Columbus. Somehow I almost forgot, that I haven't perform my prayers.

"Oh Allah, thank you for the reminder"
"Ya Allah, nasib ingat.."  

Though I didn't exactly got the results that I wanted for the midterm. I didn't regret going out early. It just proves that I've got a whole lot more to learn, and a whole lot more work to do. Glad I managed my Maghrib prayers in time.

I guess everyone will have this 'moment of choosing' in their lives sooner or later. Just make sure which comes first peeps :).

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Ups and Downs

Just as I'm finally able to truly make sense of what I'm learning in Physics*literally, then came the results of Calculus midterm. I had to admit, the pressure was immense. Most of my time was used to make sure I'm staying on track.

But to be honest, I'm kinda glad actually.

I took this as His way to ensure my feet is always running, on the ground. It was tiresome, with the meetings and all. But I don't mind*sometimes I do haha penat kot, because this ensures my primary niat coming to Columbus keeps going. Though sometimes I do complain, I felt silly whenever I think about what I'm actually complaining before.

Opening up does helps though. At first I was kinda reluctant. It wasn't easy as I expected*okay maybe I overestimated my self in this xD*. Working in groups helped me, a lot. I struggled at first, brainstorming words in my mind each time I talk with my classmates here. Also looking up Google Translate whenever I'm writing summaries or reports in a group.

Glad it didn't stopped me from talking though*hahaha.

I admit, sometimes I'll be at lost of words when I talk with the people here. And most of the time I'll have a Google Translate Tab opened up on my browser whenever I'm writing reports. But I'm coping with it. Slowly but surely.

All I did*and still doing* was try, try and try.

I believe anyone who goes to another country either to work or learn, will never really truly 'live' if they don't ever mingle with the locals. It's up to you yourself though, to decide.

I think I should be more grateful, given the chance to learn in a world class environment. This golden opportunity needs to be spend to the fullest. I'll show gratitude by giving my all. That's a promise I'll do my best to keep.

Thursday, 4 February 2016


Earlier today during one of the mass lecture, I saw someone who was deliberately playing with his gadget. While the professor was teaching, the guy was playing some kind of game without any focus on what's being taught upfront.

This really brings me back..

Back then, my teachers constantly remind us on how important 'berkat' is. Whether you're an accomplished student or a weak one, berkat or barakah is still the most important element. Especially from one who teaches you. It's necessary to have a good relationship with our teachers, as to gain the teacher's 'berkat' on what she/he has taught us.

And I agree.

I remembered seeing my friends back in school, back in college  whom play with their phones in class. Not that I am the one who bestows 'berkat' among people, but how do you expect to really understand what was being taught by the teacher when you're busy with your phones, your gadgets?

Furthermore as a Malaysian myself, I know that generally Malaysians get offended easily. You wouldn't want to get on a teacher's/lecturer's bad side. Though they do not show it, believe me that most of the time they know that 'you're not in the class at all'. On a personal level, I myself would feel*at least a bit* offended when someone I'm interacting with is busy with other things when I'm actually trying to relay something to them.

"And still you complain tak faham lah, kelas bosan lah. And bila dapat markah rendah, blame benda/orang lain"

Sometimes it's just the slightest of things, 'berkat' perhaps? Wallahualam. Try standing in the shoes of a teacher, and you will know what it feels like. Trust me, it's not a feeling you would want to have while teaching.

The best thing to do I believe is to 're-adjust' your niat before each and every class, that usually helps when I have to go through long and 'sleepy' classes. If you missed anything, take the initiative to meet up with your teachers or lecturers. They will be more than happy to help out. And if they caught you doing something your not supposed to in class*e.g. sleeping*, quickly apologize.

Apologizing won't hurt a fly, and believe me, you'll feel much better afterwards.

Saturday, 30 January 2016


"Hey Tony, how do you find the acceleration of the marble?"

"Hey John, how did you find the velocity of the jet?"

Those were the questions I 'braved' myself to ask during this week's Physics Lab session. The first two weeks were horrible. I was badly left behind, with literally geniuses as my groupmates, being afraid/shy to ask didn't help at all. It was earlier this week that I decided a change was needed.

So I did my 'homework', looking up the lab worksheet and lab experiment in advance before the actual Lab session. And to my amazement*did I use the word right?*, it worked! By the time the real experiment underwent, I had*at least* a rough idea on what it actually wants and what I need to do after.

This time, I also actually asked rather than 'usha'-ing around looking for answers. And I asked for help whenever I was stuck, instead of being 'malu/bodohsombong and x dpt pape' shy and quiet. I don't want to be a hindrance to the group. I felt guilty whenever I am.

And they were glad to help whenever I can't solve a problem, you don't need to be shy. It's a part of learning. Though you still have to do some revision before coming to class, it's totally worth it. Trust me :).

Happy Learning,


~Whether to be left behind or to ride along? You have the power to decide

Finished Lab3 early :D

Sunday, 24 January 2016

You Choose

Truth be told, I hate it when certain people said,

"You're a university student, that should be a piece of cake"
"Alaa, kau budak uni. Senang ah tu"

Though some people may have forgotten, we're still the same person whom 'fought' along you against SPM for two whole years. And we're still the same people whom you spent 5~2 years with. The only thing that kinda 'separated' us was the scores of the 'ultimate' SAT examinations, and that doesn't really mean much actually.

The double standards that certain people had unconsciously created, it's not supposed to be there. It's a new year, a new lease of life, and to tell the truth, we have our own struggles too. "Kau budak Uni" shouldn't be used as a ticket for you to dismiss our problems as if it's nothing. I realize some of us have experienced failures before, and you might feel it's alright to say that but seriously, don't.

Each of us have new sets of challenges ahead, so it's not alright to dismiss our friends, especially when they come to us with problems in their minds. Even I myself must admit, I'm struggling with certain things here in Ohio. I will try my best though against this challenge. I won't know until I try right?

What's in the past, stays in the past. Take it as a lesson and improve in the future.

To start on a fresh page or on a torn one? You choose. 


A new page

Monday, 18 January 2016


Suddenly everyone was keeping their things in their bags, in fact the whole hall sounded like they were getting ready to leave the class although there's still about 5 minutes left.

Sharp at 10:55,"Okay see you in the next class, have a good day."

Everyday and each and every class, the lecturers were spot-on. Not even once did they 'extended' their classes. I'm impressed, really.

What I love the most is the punctuality of the public transport. The latest they would 'run' from the schedule would be about 5 minutes. And due to that, I can really rely on the online schedule to get me to my destination on time. My plans that were carefully done*acah* wouldn't be wasted.

What a wonder!

Monday, 11 January 2016


A senior of mine asked

"What are you majoring here*at the Ohio State University(OSU)*?"

"I'll be going for Mechanical Engineering"
"Aku buat ME"

"Ouh really? Goodluck dude, seriously goodluck"
"Ouh, kau buat mechy? Sumpah goodluck bro"

"I'm also a ME student, and believe me, it's going to be really hard. My advice, study seriously. Divide your time properly, study time are study time, playing times are playing times"
"Aku ME gak, sumpah susah do. Aku nasihat, kau study elok2. Waktu study, study. Waktu main, main."

And almost every Malaysian senior that I met said like that. At first I felt quite 'goyang' intimidated, especially after I heard that there are several people that are known to have changed their Majors to other kinds of engineering, giving up on their ME Majors.

Now I think of it, I haven't even tried it yet. That's what made up my mind. I want to have a go at this hard Major, and who knows, I might even be one who is good at it*I wish*. All and all, I really have made up mind on doing ME. I'll try my best, and will be hoping to get a good result in the future InsyaaAllah.

~Let's push ourselves to the limit shall we?