Saturday, 30 January 2016


"Hey Tony, how do you find the acceleration of the marble?"

"Hey John, how did you find the velocity of the jet?"

Those were the questions I 'braved' myself to ask during this week's Physics Lab session. The first two weeks were horrible. I was badly left behind, with literally geniuses as my groupmates, being afraid/shy to ask didn't help at all. It was earlier this week that I decided a change was needed.

So I did my 'homework', looking up the lab worksheet and lab experiment in advance before the actual Lab session. And to my amazement*did I use the word right?*, it worked! By the time the real experiment underwent, I had*at least* a rough idea on what it actually wants and what I need to do after.

This time, I also actually asked rather than 'usha'-ing around looking for answers. And I asked for help whenever I was stuck, instead of being 'malu/bodohsombong and x dpt pape' shy and quiet. I don't want to be a hindrance to the group. I felt guilty whenever I am.

And they were glad to help whenever I can't solve a problem, you don't need to be shy. It's a part of learning. Though you still have to do some revision before coming to class, it's totally worth it. Trust me :).

Happy Learning,


~Whether to be left behind or to ride along? You have the power to decide

Finished Lab3 early :D

Sunday, 24 January 2016

You Choose

Truth be told, I hate it when certain people said,

"You're a university student, that should be a piece of cake"
"Alaa, kau budak uni. Senang ah tu"

Though some people may have forgotten, we're still the same person whom 'fought' along you against SPM for two whole years. And we're still the same people whom you spent 5~2 years with. The only thing that kinda 'separated' us was the scores of the 'ultimate' SAT examinations, and that doesn't really mean much actually.

The double standards that certain people had unconsciously created, it's not supposed to be there. It's a new year, a new lease of life, and to tell the truth, we have our own struggles too. "Kau budak Uni" shouldn't be used as a ticket for you to dismiss our problems as if it's nothing. I realize some of us have experienced failures before, and you might feel it's alright to say that but seriously, don't.

Each of us have new sets of challenges ahead, so it's not alright to dismiss our friends, especially when they come to us with problems in their minds. Even I myself must admit, I'm struggling with certain things here in Ohio. I will try my best though against this challenge. I won't know until I try right?

What's in the past, stays in the past. Take it as a lesson and improve in the future.

To start on a fresh page or on a torn one? You choose. 


A new page

Monday, 18 January 2016


Suddenly everyone was keeping their things in their bags, in fact the whole hall sounded like they were getting ready to leave the class although there's still about 5 minutes left.

Sharp at 10:55,"Okay see you in the next class, have a good day."

Everyday and each and every class, the lecturers were spot-on. Not even once did they 'extended' their classes. I'm impressed, really.

What I love the most is the punctuality of the public transport. The latest they would 'run' from the schedule would be about 5 minutes. And due to that, I can really rely on the online schedule to get me to my destination on time. My plans that were carefully done*acah* wouldn't be wasted.

What a wonder!

Monday, 11 January 2016


A senior of mine asked

"What are you majoring here*at the Ohio State University(OSU)*?"

"I'll be going for Mechanical Engineering"
"Aku buat ME"

"Ouh really? Goodluck dude, seriously goodluck"
"Ouh, kau buat mechy? Sumpah goodluck bro"

"I'm also a ME student, and believe me, it's going to be really hard. My advice, study seriously. Divide your time properly, study time are study time, playing times are playing times"
"Aku ME gak, sumpah susah do. Aku nasihat, kau study elok2. Waktu study, study. Waktu main, main."

And almost every Malaysian senior that I met said like that. At first I felt quite 'goyang' intimidated, especially after I heard that there are several people that are known to have changed their Majors to other kinds of engineering, giving up on their ME Majors.

Now I think of it, I haven't even tried it yet. That's what made up my mind. I want to have a go at this hard Major, and who knows, I might even be one who is good at it*I wish*. All and all, I really have made up mind on doing ME. I'll try my best, and will be hoping to get a good result in the future InsyaaAllah.

~Let's push ourselves to the limit shall we?